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Let's Learn Together

Be the rider your horse wants you to be

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Better Balance Clinics

Beginning with a two hour unmounted workshop on Friday night, riders beginning to explore new concepts on body movement and balance, that we then apply to mounted lessons on the following days. Better Balance clinics help riders increase their understanding of their own balance on their horse, how their balance impacts their horse, and how to help their horse improve his or her own balance.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Riding Lessons
Virtual and In-Person

I travel to provide private or semi-private riding lessons where you and your horse usually ride.

I also offer virtual lessons. Using video or photos of you on and off your horse, we have a conversation and explore a series of exercises via video call.

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Workshops for Better Movement On and Off the Horse 

Virtual or in-person workshops to improve body movement. Franklin Method Workshops include:

  • Dynamic Imagery for Flexibility, Strength and Coordination- 

  • Pelvic Power: Better Understand and Improve the Movement of Your Pelvis

  • Relax Your Neck and Liberate Your Shoulders

  • Strong, Flexible and Healthy Spine

  • Imagery for Strong and Healthy Knees

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