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Be the rider your horse wants you to be

It's all about the relationship. I am a  Franklin Method Educator with a passion for helping riders and horses find better balance. Offering clinics, virtual and in-person workshops and lessons.

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About Karen

Riding in balance is a passion of mine—rider balance, horse balance, and balance together. I have worked with riders and horses who pursue dressage, jumping, reining, western pleasure, competitive trail, and endurance. Through individual lessons and my Better Balance Clinics, I have been helping riders increase their understanding of how their bodies move with their horses for over 20 years. I am a Franklin Method Educator, and for twelve years I was a certified  Centered Riding Instructor. I currently have two horses, an Andalusian stallion named Kalimo, who has taught me many things, and a young  Andalusian mare who is just getting started. When I am not doing horse-related things, I am the president of a consulting firm that works in the health care sector, co-own three other small businesses and enjoy making music (see I have been married to the love of my life for 36 years, and share my house with him and three fun-loving dogs.

Contact Me

Karen Pyra
Nova Scotia, Canada


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